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Recording Vacations

     Recording vacations can be a wonderful experience. You feel healthy and relaxed. You have time to compose and ready yourself to be in the studio. You can do the planning or the composing while your sitting on the beach. Studio time can be scheduled to maximize your vacation experience, and your productiveness.
    There are many wonderful lodging situations right on the ocean in Poipu Beach. Anywhere in the Poipu area is 3 miles from the recording studio (less than a 5 minute drive). There is also a lovely little town called Koloa that is less than one mile from the studio. This is the oldest town on the Island and is very quaint and beautiful. Koloa is a 2-3 minute drive to the beach and a 1 minute drive to the studio. We will be happy to help you find lodging that fits your taste and budget. Rental cars are picked up and dropped off at the airport. There are also some limited car rentals in Poipu Beach. There is some bus service to Poipu Beach and Koloa. Taxi service is available. The Poipu beach area is a wonderful vacation destination. Everything you would come to Kauai for is right there. Poipu Beach is excellent for surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, diving, hiking, and of course just laying on the beautiful beaches. There are hotels, restaurants, a shopping center, and great tourist amenities. Poipu has some of the best weather on the island.

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